Fuji Xerox ApeosPort VI C5571

Smart Work Gateway, your journey begins here.

Smart Work Gateway is a new way of working. It changes how you manage your workplace and helps you re-imagine your operations and streamline your communications, setting a new standard in usability. This, therefore, enables mobility management.

With Smart Work Gateway, you can boost flexibility, remove barriers, and give yourself the freedom to organize how you wish to work. Change how you plug in, sign on and connect to your workplace from any location you choose with mobile printing. Free up your time, be productive and spend your time on work that is meaningful to you. Importantly in today’s world, Smart Work Gateway allows you to achieve this while adhering with compliance, and security policies. Simply put, it is an employee and customer eccentric approach to change the environment you work in.


  • At the office
  • On the go
  • Beyond department barriers
  • Transcending differences in scope and skill
  • Convenient & Energy Efficient
  • With more variation


  • Easy access to documents stored in common cloud services without compromising its security
  • Improve productivity with ease of access to cloud which enable work to be done anywhere, anytime
  • High image quality with new super EA-Eco Toner
  • Promote in-house printing that require high image print quality
  • User-friendly operation via its intelligent control panel and “Help” button assistance
  • Environmentally friendly with Fuji Xerox’s smart power saving technologies

Fuji Xerox ApeosPort VI C5571